The History And Story Of Dubois Construction.

The DuBois Brothers; Bill, Bob, and Ruie, grew up in Highland, NY. While in New York, Bill worked as service manager at H.O. Penn (a large CAT dealer) gaining valuable working knowledge of heavy equipment.

Bob and Ruie joined the service and were placed in the Army Corps. Of Engineers running equipment (both had run equipment prior to joining the service). This gave them foundation and the expertise needed to run a business.

In May of 1946, Bill and Ruie formed DuBois Construction with a home base of Northfield, VT. Their equipment was comprised of an Army Transport and a Caterpillar D4. At the same time, Bob started a block business in Northfield, and later formed DuBois Trucking.

They were based in Northfield until 1963 when the three brothers started buying land in Montpelier/Middlesex and formed DuBois Brothers. This divided the Construction Company, with the maintenance being done in Northfield and the business offices in Montpelier. The Trucking Company was also located in Montpelier. In October, 1981, DuBois Construction was moved in its entirety to the Montpelier terminal.

Unfortunately all three DuBois brothers have passed away;
William (Bill) December 1981
Robert (Bob) April 1983
Roelof (Ruie) September 2013

In 1986 Ruie DuBois sold the business to his son, Don DuBois and Phil Scott, stepson of Bob DuBois.

In January of 2012 the company suffered a devastating fire losing its office, maintenance facility, many pieces of equipment tools and parts inventory.

As a testament to the will of the DuBois employees, assistance and help of vendors, friends and even competitors the company was open for business on the Monday following the fire.
After two years of negotiations with the insurance company, permits, design of a new structure and construction of a new facility, the DuBois “family” moved into their new home.

In November 2016, Phil was elected Governor of the State of Vermont and therefore had to sell his shares of the company to better serve our State.

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DuBois Construction Inc is one of Vermont’s most experienced and dedicated services company. Providing commercial, residential, industrial and municipal sitework and excavation services for over 70 years.

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